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Electrical household appliances are very essential and convenient devices in each family and in everyone’s daily life. Whenever spring and Tet come, it is also an opportunity for people to get to buy new useful utensils for their loved families

Serving consumers’ needs on buying electrcal household appliances from this time until the end of the year, Western Tan Thuan JSC has prepared many quality products and started to sell vaiety of handy and useful electrical tools and household appliances to homes, production factories and companies such as: Rice Cooker, Steel Cooker, Vacuum Fryer, Gas Stove, Electric Stove, Electric Hot Pot, Ovens, Blender, Kettle, Electric Fan… and as well as Knife set (5 items, 8 items), Floor Mop set, Smart Paint Roller, Multi-function Ladder, Shelf, Touch Screen etc.


Moreover, on this occasion, Western Tan Thuan JSC also offers special promotions on preferential prices to all customers to own the best useful products. This is the sincerity of our company, wishing to contribute to bringing more and more laughters and happiness to every home, factory and company.


Come to buy the quality and useful electrical appliances at Western Tan Thuan to get the best preferences our company offers and is very pleased to serve all customers.


For detailed information please contact us at:



28/8 Tran Trong Cung Street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, Dist.7, HCMC


028 36208758

Hotline: 0903 883 564

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