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Western Tan Thuan JSC, which is one of the subsidiaries of Fimexco Joint Stock Company, has had long-term experience in logistics industry, specializing in providing warehousing and delivery transportation services to all customers.

With large areas of ​​warehouses, easy and ventilated inner traffic, fully equipped, all the warehouses are ensured with fire safety and security, and strict monitoring by a 24-hour security team every day. Besides, Western Tan Thuan’s warehouses have many propitious conditions, located on Tran Trong Cung street, District 7 which is a convenient transportation route to ports, wharves, industrial zones and residential areas in District 4, District 8, District 2 and other major roads connecting the centre of the city and surrounding areas.

Delivery transport service of Western Tan Thuan not only provides services to customers who have not rented our warehouse yet, but also always brings the best preferential policies and quickly services to current and loyal customers renting our warehouse at the moment.

Western Tan Thuan respectfully would like to offer all customers the following warehousing services:

  1. Warehouse renting service:

– Many variety areas for customers to choose.

– Rental price: 150,000 VND / m2 / month (excluding VAT).

  1. Retail warehouse renting, including import-export managing service:

– Supplying weekly/ monthly/ quarterly import-export reports to customers

– Rental price: 200,000 VND / m2 / month (excluding VAT).

  1. Forwarding, delivery transport service:

– Transportation of retail goods; goods distribution by regions.

– Serving as per customers’ needs.

– Rental price: competitive prices according to current markets.

To find the best warehouse and forwarding, delivery transportation supporter with convenient, safe, dedicated, fast services for customers’ company to develop your business, please contact Western Tan Thuan by the following details:

Contact information:


28/8 Tran Trong Cung Street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, HCMC

Website: www.fimexco.com.vn

Telephone: 028 36208758

Hotline: 0903 993 610 (Mr. Thi)

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