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    On January 19th, 2022 at 7:30 the System of Fimexco Joint Stock Company have held the Online Leader Conference to sum up the year 2021, to set the company business orientation of the year 2022, and to reward to the members and staffs of Fimexco system.

   At the conference, the Board of Directors have summarized the company business activies after one year with successful achievements and with targets have not been reached yet, and also to praise the working spirit of all the staff and employees as well as the timely right directions of the Directors during the Covid19 epidemic complicated situation. On behalf of the member company staff, the Directors of the member compaines also receive the 2022 Plan Assignment Decisions and undertake to achieve the business plans.

At the end of the meeting, the Board of Directors of the Fimexco company have handed the Decisions on rewarding all the excellent Teams and Individuals for their best contribution, performance and gaining in the year 2021.

Some photos of the Conferences at the headquarters of Fimexco Joint Stock Company and at its Member Companies as follows:


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