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“Tet holiday in my countryside” tour brings the kids a joyful playground with cultural and festival tradition of Vietnamese through storytellings, folk games, experiences of real making cakes, arranging fruits and flowers on Tet days and understanding Vietnamese Tet holiday to help the kids have wonderful memories of childhood and understand the meaning of Tet holiday in order to love their family and homeland more and more,…

Let take and travel with Fimexco Travel & Service to make and enjoy an exciting and impression journey for your kids.

Time: 1 day, January 30th 2016

The tour for kids from 5-10 years old

Tour program:

6:00: Meeting and picking up at the picking place, to depart to Hoc Mon. On the way, the kids will be introduced the program content, activities for acquaintance, joy activities,  Tet storytellings by the tour guides. Having breakfast on the bus.

7:15: Arriving at the destination, Ngoc Thuan Buddhist temple, where has been brightly decorated for Tet. The tranquil and peaceful pagoda seems warmer to welcome the new year.

8:00: Joining in the competition “Skillful Kids” to make square glutinous rice cake, five-fruit decoration.

10:00: Joining in the new year folk games to increase knowledges about history, culture, society, morality and behavior communication behavior,…

11:00: Preparing lunch, helping the children self-service, understanding and valuing food to thank to those who made the meals and the labour achievements of parents.

12:00 Taking a nap at noon in the soft sound of dhyana music.

13:45: Waking up the children through fun activities: folk dancing, yoga laughter to help the children relax, awake,…

14:00: The lesson “The dearness in Tet holiday”

The kids will watch short films, touching stories about family in the Spring, … to help the kids understand the meaning of family by making questions and answers,…

14h45: Attending the “Peach and Apricot blossom Decoration”
The children will learn the meanings of flowers as well as making flowers for Tet decorations together, … learning how to make simple gifts with spiritual values to bring gifts to their love people.

15:45: Closing, awarding, having a snack.

16:15: Departing back to Ho Chi Minh city.

17:15: Taking the kids to the picking place, parents will pick up their kids as we returning the kids back to them. Ending the program.

THE PRICE: 500,000 VND/kid.

The tour program includes:

* Vehicles 35 seats, new vehicles, facilities.

* Sightseeings: comfort, fresh, cool, clean and safe for children.

* Food and drinks: served breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack (the menu is made primarily from: clean and fresh vegetables, fruits which are safe and nutritious for children’s taste).

* Uniform for the tour: trousers, shirt, hat, shoes…

* Soft skill training program for kids carried out by tour guides and buddhist priests who have experiences and education knowledges. However, the tour program “Tet holiday in my countryside” which is very meaningful will bring spiritual values ​​as well as good memories for the kids when the Spring comes.

* Gifts: photos, clips sent to parents’ email inbox.


The program with the participation of the tour guides who have knowledges on kids and the team of collaborators who are students of pedagogy pre-schools.

The tour program aims to serve to help kids by themselves have a good time, have fun and fully experience one meaningful day as exactly as a day of their childhood, we recommend the parents should not attend in the program.

Hopefully parents sympathize and support for the best success of the program.


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