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The Board of Directors of Fimexco JSC have decided to establish a number of new departments, personnel appointment and job dismission according to the company’s business needs. Here are some photos and text content have been issued:
Enclosed with the Decision of establishing the Planning and Management Dept., Appointment Decision


Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu is appointed to the job position: Manager of the Planning and Management Dept.

-The establishment of GENERAL ECONOMIC DEPT., and a new position appointed
Enclosed with the Decision of establishing the General Economic Dept.,  and Appointment Decision


Mr. Nguyen Khoa Nam is appointed to the job position: Director of General Economic Dept.


-The Decision to appoint the Deputy Manager of the ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL DEPT.
Enclosed with the Appointment Decision


Appointed Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Trang to the job position: Deputy Manager of the Administrative Personnel Dept.

-Together with all the appointment decisions and decisions of setting-up the new departments, the Board of Directors also decided to dismiss job and transfer personnel to a new job position.
Decision enclosed: Decision of Job Dismission, Decision of Personnel Appointment to a new position.


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