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Dear Business Partners and Customers,

There are just a few days left to say good bye to the old year 2017, and welcome the new year 2018 with more hope, success and value, Fimexco JSC would like to send the best wishes to all Business Partners and Customers. We wish You and Your families a happy new year with:

              “Good Health – Happiness – Prosperity – Success”

The year 2017 has almost passed not only with many opportunities but also with difficulties and challenges. However, all the leaders and staff of Fimexco have tried our best working hard and always held firm belief and team solidarity, together with the supports, trust, and enthusiastic help of all Business Partners and Customers, Fimexco JSC has overcome and gained many impressive achievements which are worth cherishing in the past year. This is the motivation for Fimexco to continue to promote our strength, and affirm our position in the market, as well as to determine to maintain and develop more day after day so that we continue bringing the best value and benefits to all Business Partners and Customers.

In the new year 2018, Fimexco will continue to improve our service quality, continue the successes we have achieved, be open to ideas from our Customers, always improveourselves, produce new products/ services with the best quality to bring the best value for the experience, satisfaction and happiness of all Customers and Business Partners.

Lastly, with all respect, Fimexco would like to express our sincere thanks for Customers’ valuable cooperation during the development of the company, and we look forward to continue receiving great supports and cooperation of all Business Partners and Customers not only in the year 2018 but also in the following years.

Closing the old year, welcoming the new year 2018 with initiative spirit and being always confident to conquer challenges ahead. Fimexco JSC, once again, respectfully send to all Customers and families a new year of:

“ Best Health – Prosperity – Best Achievement”

With best regards.

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