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Abbreviation name: FIMEXCO
Company name in English: First District Producing Import – Export Trading And Service Joint Stock Company
Address: 231-233 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Telephone: (028) 3823 0611
Fax (028) 3829 6600
Email fimexco@fimexco.com.vn
Certificate of business registration 0302555914
Type of company: Joint Stock Company
Legal representative: Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nga – General Director
Capital: 63,8 billion VND (sixty three billion, eight hundred million VND)
The main business lines: Trading, distribution, repair and maintenance of automobiles, motorcycles, import & export, car rental services, labor export, warehouse rental services, office building for lease, real estate.


After 20 years of establishment, nowadays Fimexco is proud of ourselves and has been integrated into the market. The year 2009, Fimexco officially changed its logo to the new logo with deeper meanings.


From 2009

Slogan : Services Supplier
The meaning of the logo: The foundation and development

Our logo is designed with 5 branches, symbolizes the development of the company to the five continents, the five (5) branches are also the symbol of the lotus meaning the devotion, dexterity, diligence, which shines its perfume and beauty, highlights our criterion “Fimexco is the Services Supplier”.

The logo with the five branches expresses the strong attachment collective. The five branches symbolize a hand with five fingers of solidarity, together to make a strong force to work, develop and create values in business. The five branches are also the symbol of the lotus petals rising strongly, not only the good potential concepts of geomancy or feng shui but also the image of a sail filling with wind, representing the samsara, continuous and ceaseless development in many fields. The sharp image of the logo is both arousing and depicting with Eastern philosophy (five basic elements: Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth). The feature of the symbol is the break of old order beyond the classical feature that we frequently see, both arousing and depicting, bringing Fimexco a new and particular character. The upward curved lines represent the ceaseless developing of a team, the lines start from a small point and then pervade, symbolize the rising of a combined force to make itself brighten. With the innovation yellow lotus, the yellow colour represents a glorious and prosperity future, the word Fimexco in red colour represents the dynamic and winning or victory. The lotus petals converge and stretch to form a solid pedestal to support the Fimexco brand name to be always sustainable and keep growing up in strength.