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1989 – 2002: Foundation and Strategic direction

Founded on 13th May 1989, First District Producing Import-Export Trading and Service Company started the business with difficulties in Skill – Finance – Human Resources, however, this did not deter the first founding members of the company. With the spirit of confidence and progression, only in a short period when the economy changed from the mechanism of subsidization to market, the company began participating in the import export market with the main business field of agricultural products, of which the company had achieved very high export sales; developing the car rental services and tourism; doing the business in assembling two-wheeled motorcycles and investing in land projects.

2002-2009: Expanding the business systems
The year 2002 marked a new turning-point to change the company from a state-owned company into a joint stock company with the name First District Producing Import-Export Trading and Service Joint Stock Company (FIMEXCO) which officially ran the business on 1st March 2002 with an initial capital of 13.8 billion VND and entered the integration period with so many difficulties and challenges in finance, human resources, business environment,…

In April 2002, the establishment of Western Ford JSC (WTF), and currently named as Western Auto JSC (WTA) to trade automobiles, which was one of the most modern and luxurious dealers in Southeast Asia at that time with full automobile services as car warranty and repair services

In 2006 the company opened the two new branches at Da Lat and An Giang.

In June 2002, Fimexco’s overseas manpower supply service was developed. Until now it has been the prestigious brand-name for the Japan market, and was highly ranked by Vietnam Overseas Manpower Supply Association for many years.
In 2003, Fimexco built a warehouse system of nearly 10,000 m2 in Tan Thuan Dong, District 7, HCMC, increasing the company business and variety of warehouse trading services, forwarding and import-export services.

In November 2005, the establishment of Western Service Co., Ltd, initially operating with office for lease services and household construction services. In 2008 officially launched the shared office service with the company named First Import Export and Office Service Co., Ltd, and nowadays called Finextco Investment and Trading Co., Ltd.

2009- present: Stability and Development

In 2009, on the 20th anniversary of the company establishment, the company confirmed the Fimexco brand-name with the new image of a new and modern logo. This year Fimexco also began to invest in trading motorcycles, and nowadays the company is Motorrock Co., Ltd.

In May 2018, Harmony Trading and Service Investment JSC was established to specialize in trading car rental service and used cars trading,…
In June 2018, the division of Da Lat branch of Western Ford JSC to establish Dalat Auto Trading Service JSC operates independently, and has a branch in Bao Loc, and from July 2019 it officially became an authorized Dealer of Ford Vietnam.
In 2018, Western Auto JSC was honored: the best service, the best service director, the highest accessary sales, and the dealer with the sales of over 1,000 vehicles.

For over 30 years of continuous development, nowadays Fimexco has become one of the prestigious companies doing its business in many industries and all over the big provinces and cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh city, Da Lat, Bao Loc, Da Nang and An Giang. Fimexco JSC is in the top 5 of the list of more than 20 dealers of Ford Vietnam.

In addition, Fimexco also has more than 100 cars for rent with the customers from foreign companies operating their business in Vietnam.
Moreover, Fimexco sends over 200 workers to labour train and practice in Japan every year, and many achievements from other service activities.

Thirty years (1989 – 2019) is a long business journey, enough to affirm a position, a brand-name, and is also enough to build the good tradition of a company with a long history and great contributions in providing good products, goods and services to the community. Fimexco JSC has always well performed after-sales services by providing the best quality of warranty and repair services which are more and more improved, the prestige for quality, customer care, and service attitude.

In July 2019, Fimexco continued opening Western Tan Thuan JSC, which formerly was Tan Thuan Warehouse Center, specializing in warehouse, logistics services, for the company business activities on consignment import-export and logistics to meet all loyal customers’ needs over the years.