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    On the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of Fimexco Joint Stock Company (May 13th, 1989 – May 13th, 2022), Fimexco Joint Stock Company has solemnly held the celebration meeting to welcome this special occasion combined with the company traditional summer camp at Da Lat city, a very beautiful city of flowers, where also located the business headquarter of Da Lat Auto Trading Servicer JSC – a member company of Fimexco.

To mark a long journey of foudation, building and development, this year the Board of Directors have sent their sincere thanks to all the leaders and staff of the company for their great achievements to contribute to the successful development of Fimexco company, as well as presenting meaningful practical gifts to all members of the company. The 33rd anniversary of the establishment of Fimexco Joint Stock Company has taken place extremely solemnly, warmly, solidarity and full of joyful and excited atmosphere with the solidarity enthusiasm of whole team together building and developing the whole company system strongly.

Also on this event, Fimexco Joint Stock Company has held the annual traditional summer camp as the special occasion for all company employees from all the subsidiary companies of Fimexco to meet, exchange and participate in team activities and games, to keep good and happy memories, and have relaxing time to re-energize and create excitement for working activities, together in solidarity and determination for overcoming all difficulties in order to bring the best business results to the company.

Some photos at the 33rd Foundation Anniversary Celebration and at the Summer Camp of Fimexco JSC 2022:





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