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In the evening of October 20th 2016, all the staff of the Fimexco company gathered at the warehouse to pack gifts which will be offered to people who have been suffering from the typhoon in the central Vietnam.
Accordingly, all the staff, personnel of the company, subsidiary company have raised a subscription of 100 million VND to buy 500 gifts to support people in the central Vietnam who have got damages from the recent typhoon.
Some pictures at the package evening at the warehouse:


Working hard to contribute to supporting people in the central Vietnam who have recently faced difficulties by the severe typhoon


The gifts which will be sent to people at the flooded areas


Working with joy for little contribution to support people in the central Vietnam’s flooded areas


Everyone is working very hard


Everyone is focusing on each step of their task


Staff is divided into 2 teams to finish their work quickly


500 gifts stored at warehouse of FIMECO company


500 gifts will be handed to people in flooded areas in the coming days.

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