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In the movement of March of the Youth people to welcome and celebrate the 86th foundation anniversary the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. On March 18th 2017, Fimexco Joint Stock Company held the day of the activities among the youth union and staff members of the company  to review the knowledges of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and as well as to state the spirit of “CREATIVE IN WORK – FRIENDLY IN COMMUNICATION”.

The program has taken placed at  Vam Sat tourist area, Can Gio district of Ho Chi Minh city which has been recognized in the world as an ecosphere reservation. Visting here, the organization dept. also liked to send a message to the young generation: Together protect the nature and preserve the rare animals.

Some photos taken at the event:



The anniversary ceremony was solemnly taken in the music of the two songs Tien Quan Ca and Doan ca.


The missions and orientations have been given to well prepare for the upcoming Youth union congress


The interim Executive Committee


The interim Executive Committee are listening to participants’ ideas


Happy pictures of the youth union members and staff of Fimexco JSC


Staff members from Western Ford


All the member participants of the trip had photos taken to save happy moments at Vam Sat – Can Gio tourist area

– Time: 1 day
– Vehicle: motorcycle
– Departure: March 18th 2017
– 6:00 am: Gathering at 231-233 Le Thanh Ton street, Dist 1 and departing to Can Gio.
– 8:00 am: Gathering for taking roll call at Ly Nhon turning point. After that riding to Vam Sat ecotourism area, one of the ecological areas of Can Gio.
– 8:30 am: Gathering at the gate of Vam Sat ecological area.

– 9:00: Opening the program.

– Additional introducing the members of the Youth union Executive Committee.

– Launching the program “Month of the Youths” with the criterion “Fimexco Youths – Creative in work – Friendly in communication”

– 10:00: Joining in team games with the participation of team groups based on the slogan of Fimexco company “Creative business starting – Solidarity and discipline”.

– 14:00: Visiting, exploring the tourist attractions at Vam Sat: bat swamp, bird sanctuary – the bat conservation area of the city, boat rowing boat through the mangrove forest to visit the bat sleeping garden. Conquering Tang Bong tower, 26 meters high to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the world ecosphere reservation. Walking along the road through the forest, challenging the suspension bridge, visiting the mild and friendly deers, feeding the deers.

– 16:00: Departing to go back to Ho Chi Minh city.

– 18:30: Arriving in Ho Chi Minh ciity, ending the tour. See you again.

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