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On the occasion of the eight-six anniversary of Vietnam Women’s Day (October 20th 1930 – October 20th 2016), FIRST DISTRICT PRODUCING IMPORT EXPORT TRADING & SERVICE JSC (FIMEXCO) would like to say best wishes to all the female staff of the company.


Fimexco welcome Vietnam Women’s Day – October 20th.

Together with the national women’s movement, women staff of FIRST DISTRICT PRODUCING IMPORT EXPORT TRADING & SERVICE JSC (FIMEXCO) have made admirable contributions. They have made outstanding efforts, overcoming difficulties in their work as well as accomplishing their women role in the family Fimexco respectfully honor the spirit of striving for life, for works and for the success of Fimexco company of all the women staff in the company.

On this occasion, Fimexco try their best for the advancement of women, to continuously improve material and spirit life of all the company staff, and to bring the most comfortable conditions for women in order to work in Fimexco.

Wishing all the women of Fimexco good health, happiness and beauty.


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