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The typical title of products and services in Ho Chi Minh City is the recognition and encouragement of Ho Chi Minh City for the efforts and contributions of the business community.
On the evening of October 12, at the celebration of Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day (October 13, 2004 – October 13, 2019) organized by Ho Chi Minh City – HUBA Business Association (DN), 108 businesses with 147 products and services were awarded the title “Typical products and services in Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019. The organizers also congratulated 57 enterprises for their sustainable development of 30 years or more.

Enterprises are awarded certificates in 11 groups of industries (including: mechanics – electricity, rubber – plastic, electronics – information technology, food – food – beverages, textiles – footwear, trade – services, real estate – construction, pharmaceuticals – health – functional foods, jewelry – fine arts – woodworking, consulting – law and culture – media – advertising)

According to Chu Tien Dung, President of HUBA, this is the second time HUBA has organized a poll for the title “Typical products and services of Ho Chi Minh City” (first in 2017) with destination to discover and promote brands. for businesses’ products and services, serving the goal of developing the city’s major brands and honoring businesses with typical products and services.

This year, the number of participating businesses doubled in 2017 with 285 businesses choosing 345 products and services.

In particular, there are the participation of science and technology units, 4.0 enterprises and businesses applying smart technology to production and business with innovative, convenient and competitive products and services. . Having intellectual property protection registration, industrial design registration, modern production lines, applying advanced technology, using domestic raw materials and being able to replace imported products of the same type

Mrs. Vo Thi Dung, Deputy Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, awarded certificates to businesses with typical products and services in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019. Photo: Hoang Trieu

At the event, HCM City Vice Chairman Le Thanh Liem highly appreciated the efforts and congratulated the honored enterprises. The Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee wants businesses to continue to promote and be an inspiration for other businesses to try to pursue, towards the goal of building a smart city, creative startups and developing into a center. regional and international finance.

Mr. Le Thanh Liem also appreciated the efforts and meaningful contributions of businesses and entrepreneurs in the process of building, protecting and developing the city. According to him, over 30 years of innovation, especially in the past 15 years, the private sector has created a new breath of life, becoming a direct driver for growth. Businesses are the pioneers of international integration, have developed in many aspects from technology, labor productivity, management to innovation, branding and initially forming a number of episodes. Private economic union has large scale, strong resources, multidisciplinary activities and competitiveness in the international market.

Lao Dong newspaper congratulations businesses!

Recognition list of the “Typical products and services in Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019

FIMEXCO was honored at the celebration of Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day (October 13, 2004 – October 13, 2019).