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This morning on October 10th 2016 FIMEXCO held the preliminary nine-month summing-up and 4th quarter plan conference. The business result of the whole company system has achieved good targets although there are still two subsidiaries had not reached the goals as required.

The Board of General Directors have reminded all the departments and subsidiaries of the company these matters:
1. Building up the 2017 plans.
2. Arranging personnel stably
3. Focusing on solving year-end inventory and debt
4. Promulgating specific regulations on inventory management, asset procurement and invoice management

At the conference, participants also analyzed the difficulties of personnel instability at some company units and departments to find out overcoming measures. In addition the Board of General Directors also commended those individuals who had good records in doing business and management.
Some pictures from the conference:


Listening to the preliminary summing-up report of the nine months


The Boards of General Directors are listening to opinions from the department and subsidiaries


Online meeting among company units and the headquarters. Everyone is listening to reports from the company units


The Board of Directors put forward the plans of the 4th quarter 2016, and suggested the plans in 2017.

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