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    The International Women’s Day – March 8th – has been always a special happy day for women in countries around the world and in Vietnam. On this occasion, at 7:30 in the morning of March 8th 2021, Fimexco Joint Stock Company has held a very warm, happy and respectful meeting to welcome the day. At the meeting the Board of Directors of Fimexco JSC has congratuled to the female employees of the company with good health, happiness and success as well as has presented meaningful gifts to all. Together with the joyful and warm atmosphere of this event is the participation of all the male employees of the company to send their best wishes of happiness, well-being and beauty to all the company ladies, these wonderful attendances have contributed to make the happy day of the 8th of March become happier, warmer and more meaningful.

Some pictures of Fimexco meeting on March 8th:

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