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With many years of experience in overseas manpower supplying, Fimex Overseas Manpower Supply Center, a subsidiary of Fimexco Joint Stock Company, always provides workers or employees the best conditions and opportunities to get knowledge, to improve skills and workmanship when working abroad, especially Japanese market, by the following activities:

– Increasing training for employees before employees go abroad (one week right after being admitted, and one week before leaving the country) without additional training fee charged.

– Organizing thematic meetings with the participation of native people so that employees can understand more about culture and life of the country employees are about to come to.

– Suggesting the best rewarding policies for employees when employee pass the Japanese proficiency exams.

In addition, Fimex Overseas Manpower Center also set up a manpower source bank, which specifies employees’ education, Japanese ability, job and desired salary in order to recommend or introduce the employees to Japanese companies in Vietnam when the employees finish the overseas manpower contract and return home.

Until now, although Fimex Overseas Manpower Center is not the most ideal connection center between employees and overseas Japanese companies, with practical and useful experience in the business operation, Fimex Overseas Manpower Center always accompanies with companies to provide practical and quality manpower resources as companies’ needs.

In 2019, Fimex Overses Manpower Center introduced jobs to more than 100 employees after their coming to Vietnam. Moreover, with its wide relationship, Fimex Overseas Manpower Center also assisted some employees, who used to work overseas, to return back to Japan to study and get partly scholarship.

Also in the year 2019, Fimexco Joint Stock Company, as well as Fimex Overseas Manpower Center, was very honored to be ranked by Vietnam Overseas Manpower Association as the 5 stars overseas manpower center, and being always a trusted center according to the employees.

Fimex Oversea Manpower Center respectfully would like to partly contribute our business activities in the field of overseas manpower to meet the needs of all business partners’ manpower resources, as well as to bring the best opportunities to Vietnamese workers or employees to work at developed environments and countries.

For more information, please contact:


252/4 Phan Anh Street, Hiep Tan Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC.

Telphone: (028) 3964 1397 – (028) 3964 1398

E-mail: info-fimex@hcm.fpt.vn


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