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To care for all the personnel’s health as well as to comply with the health care regulations, Fimexco JSC held the annual medical health check for all the officials and employees of the company who are currently working at the head office, subsidiaries and branches. On October 1st, 2016 in the morning, medical people from the District 1 Hospital came to Fimexco headquarters to carry out the medical health checks for all the staff as required.
Some photos taken at the event:


Medical staff is starting working


Employee from the subsidiary is having her health checked


Employee from Kawasaki Center is having her health checked


Staff from the Warehouse Center of the company also came very early for getting the medical health check


Staff from the head office are being taken a blood sample

Photos of the medical checking procedures:


Cardiovascular examination


Taking blood for tests in order to return the results to the company personnel


Friendly and comfortable atmosphere


Doctor is carefully instructing for eye checking


Doctors are friendly with a smile, making everyone feel comfortable during health exam


Doctors always have warm smile

The medical health check ends at 10:30 of the day. According to the Personnel Administration of the company, all the staff of the company have had fully medical health checking as well as they were present for implementing the checking at around 99%.

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