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The service quality of Western Ford is to ensure the passion and excitement of customers on every journey. We undertake to give you who own Ford cars endless pleasure not only after you leave the showroom, but also more than that.

We are proud to be the best supplier to understand your Ford cars, we provide full services, detailed and necessary spare parts to bring you the absolute safety wherever you drive to and at any time. Ford is always available with perfect solutions, from extending the term of warranty to individual request for car services to meet each of different style of customers. Western Ford’s services not only ensure your cars to be always perfect to help you save use costs and make you satisfy with the optimal features, but also increase the value of reselling when you’d like to sell your cars.

We make customers feel secure from our knowledges and professional understanding about cars.

Nobody understands your car more than us – the service specialists of Ford, the professional experts who are trained by Ford Vietnam – with the most modern checking & testing equipments to quickly detect and give you the best solutions for your car. Each technician of Western Ford always undertakes to provide customers with excellent quality services, and the long-term warranty up to 2 years/ 50,000 kilometer is also the commitment to the quality of the products of Ford manufacturer.

Quality services and genuine spare parts

We operate the process of modern Quality Care service and the supply network of Ford standarded spare parts in Vietnam. After careful and serious testings of the design engineers, spare parts provided by genuine Ford manufacturer guarantee the highest standards of quality. When you use genuine spare parts, you have the right to get full warranty policy as you are owning a Ford car.

The professional consultants and technicians of Western Ford are always ready at 24/24 hours to promptly serve all customers to solve all problems and risks on roads.

Western Ford is professional in the field of car consultancy and traffic accident salvage, accident cars with technical breakdowns fail to work when they are on the traffics.

Call us anytime whether your cars are Ford or not.

Western Ford in Ho Chi Minh city

530 Kinh Duong Vuong, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel : (028) 3877 6732 – 3876 5214 – 3876 1348

Fax : (028) 3876 3731

E-mail : westernford@westernford.com.vn

Website : www.westernford.com.vn

Hotline: 0918 47 96 96

Western Ford in An Giang province

26/ 2A, Tran Hung Dao, My Thoi Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province, Vietnam

Tel : (0296) 3933 121 Fax: (0296) 3933 080

E-mail : wtfangiang@westernford.com.vn

Hotline: 0983 001 121

Western Ford in Da Lat city

108 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 11, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam

Tel:  (0263) 3554 091 – (0263) 3554 092

Fax: (0263) 3554 093

E-mail : wtfdalat@westernford.com.vn

Hotline: 0973 127 789