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This morning on January 12th, 2017 the business conference of company leaders and subsidiary members Of Fimexco system took place at the head office of Fimexco Joint Stock Company. At this meeting, the company management have summarized and evaluated the results of the company business operations in the year 2016, together learning the causes affecting to the business operations and evaluating the advantages to contribute to the success in business of the company in 2016. The whole company system have over accomplished the company plans set at the beginning of the year.

Also at this conference, the Board of Managers have carried out the operation directions of the business in the new year 2017 so as to be more and more successful and further innovations in 2017. All the participants discussed and agreed to the 2017 business directions and targets. The Board of Managers have paid much attention to business matters of the company, emphasized and advised all leader participants not only to consolidate the human resources, training, focusing in business, financial and asset management, but also to take care of employees’ life in order to honor the contributions of all employees to the achievement of the company.

Some of the photos taken at the meeting:


Mr. Le Thanh Nghia – the Deputy Chairman and concurrently the Deputy General Director of Fimexco JSC- is presenting the 2016 business summary report


Participation of all subsidiary businesses and members of Fimexco system


Mr. Le Thanh Nghia – the Deputy Chairman, concurrently the Deputy General Director of Fimexco JSC is presenting the development plans of the company in the year 2017.


The 2017 plans are listened with concentration by all Participants to carry out the business in 2017 successfully.

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