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Abbreviated name FIMEXCO
English name First District Producing Import – Export Trading And Service Joint Stock Company
Address 231 – 233 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
Phone (+84 28) 3823 0611
Fax (+84 28) 3829 6600
Email fimexco@fimexco.com.vn
TAX 0302555914
Company Type Joint Stock Company
Legal representative
Charter capital 113.800.000.000 VND
Main business sectors Trade, distribution, repair, warranty of cars, motorcycles, import and export, car rental services, labor export, warehouse rental services, office leasing, real estate.


After 20 years of establishment, Fimexco was able to boast and market integration. 2009 officially changed its logo Fimexco into new images deeper meaning


From 2009

Meaning logo: The foundation and development..

The logo is designed according to 5 branches that express the meaning of the transformation on the five continents, these five (5) wings are the symbol of the Lotus symbol of dedication, dexterity, hard work and shine in sharp floating aroma. on the “Fimexco is a service supplier” criterion.
The 5-winged symbol has a good resonance, saying a collective sticking of glue, 5 branches is also a symbol of a 5-finger hand telling the connection with hard work and ingenuity to create values ​​in business, 5 wings is also a symbol of the lotus as it is growing strongly, not only implies many good ideas about feng shui, but also has the image of a sail that is stretching the wind, expressing the rotating development. Feedback, continuous & relentless in many areas. The contour image of the symbol is both suggestive and descriptive with the Eastern philosophy (five elements of metal – wood – water – fire – earth).
The symbolic line is a break from the classic features that we often encounter, it is both suggestive and descriptive, bringing a new and unique identity to Fimexco. The upward curves show the continuous outreach of a team, the lines are derived from a small point and spread to show the unity and effort to shine together.
With an innovative yellow lotus shape representing a glorious and prosperous future, the red Fimexco symbolizes dynamism & victory. The lotus petals converged and pulled the strip into a winning line like a solid pedestal, raising the Fimexco brand to become stronger and stronger.