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To meet the regulations and guidelines of the company, the Executive Board and Administrative Personnel Dept. have held a briefing meeting for the company regulations to all employees and especially for the new employees. The meeting is to let the staff understand and master all the regulation content to comply with, avoiding unnecessary violations.
Some photos of the meeting:


The Executive Board informs the briefing information from the weekly meeting of the company leadership.


The Executive Board informs the important contents of the meeting


Attendants listening to the company regulations informed by the representative of Administrative Personnel Dept.


Attendants listening to Ms Trang from the Administrative Personnel Dept. who is informing the company regulations with 8 chapters and 23 articles


Attendants give ideas, suggestions to the important items of the company regulations


New employee presents herself to the meeting attendants


Ending the meeting, the Executive Board say wishes to everyone for a happy weekend to enjoy and also to save energy for the next working week


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