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January 19th, 2018

At 8 am in the morning today at the head office of Fimexco JSC held a business summation meeting of the year 2017 of the whole company system.  Mr. Le Loc Thanh Hai – CEO reported the results of members and subsidiary companies’ operation and implementation in the year 2017.Here are some pictures of the 2017 summation conference:

Continuing the meeting:

Mr. Vo Minh Trang – Director of Motorrock Co., Ltd makes a speech on the business situation in 2017 and business orientation in 2018 of the company.

Continuing the meeting:

Mr. Thai Huu Dung, General Manager of Western Ford JSC, concurrently Vice Director of Fimexco JSC makes a speech on Western Ford’s 2017 business result.

Continuing the meeting:

Ms. Nguyen Huynh Mai, Director of Golden Lotus JSC says about the company’s 2017 business result and 2018 business orientation.

Following the meeting:

Mr. Le Thanh Nghia – Vice General Director of Fimexco JSC summarizes the business situation and results in the year 2017 and emphasizes the business orientation in the year 2018 to continue developing the Fimexco system strongly.

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