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In the happy and exciting event of the coming spring and as well as busy working on  business plans for the coming year, Western Ford Joint Stock Company (Western Ford) has held the 2016 business operation closing and 2017 business plan implementation ceremony on Sunday.

In the morning of January 15th 2017, at the head office of Western Ford JSC located at 530 Kinh Duong Vuong street An Lac ard, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh city, more than 200 staff workers and representatives of the administration departments, subsidiary companies, and the BOD of Fimexco Joint Stock Company have attended in the meeting.

At the meeting, the Board of Managers of the company have evaluated the achievements, shortcomings in last year. In spite of difficulties, Western Ford have  fully succeeded, continuing to rank at the 5th in the system of 21 Ford Vietnam Dealers, have praised, rewarded all the individuals and departments have contributed to the success of the company. The Board of Managers also implemented the 2017 business plan to all the member leaders and staff of the company. Mr. Pham Thanh Liem, representative of the Company Trade Union, has received the year business target and together with all the company members and staff stated determination to accomplish the plan target of the year 2017.

On this occasion, the Board of Directors of the head of the company also had guidances to the Board of Directors as well as all employees of the company on the business plan in 2017, especially focusing on taking care of employees’ life, and a meaningful advice to all the members and staff of the company: “Work is every person’s life, Company is a every person’s house” so as everyone will together contribute to make our life as well as our house richer and richer.
The photos taken at the year closing ceremony:






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