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At 14:00 yesterday afternoon the 2016 business operation closing ceremony of all office departments of Fimexco was held at the head office of Fimexco Joint Stock Company.

Mr. Le Loc Thanh Hai – the Executive Director has reported the 2016 business results and bring out the 2017 business targets to all the member and subsidiary departments and companies. The  year 2016 is the very effective year in doing business of the whole company system, especially in financial investments which have been carried out efficiently.

At the meeting the Board of Directors of Fimexco JSC have directed the concerned matters in management and administration:
– Building the proud spirit of the company brand
– Setting examples of the advanced employees to expand among all personnels of the company
– The flexible coordination between the sales departments and the financial departments, creating the momentum and development from solidarity – assistance, removing difficulties of procedures,…, coordinating harmoniously between operation and management.

The Board of Direcrors also assigned the tasks of continuing developing services to be considered as the link for the employees when they return back Vietnam after their expiration of oversea labor in Japan to be able to have a job at a Japanese company in Vietnam.

The Board of Directors announced the emulation results of Fimexco office departments, rewarding to the individuals have achieved the best emulation results in 2016, commending to an individual who has made many efforts, not afraid of difficulties to accomplish the work tasks in last year.

The two section, Fimexco and Western Ford have completed their year-end review and bringing out the new year plans. The whole company system are preparing for the 2016 year-end ceremony in the entire system on January 19th 2017.

Hereafter, several pictures taken at the meeting:



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